Today’s consumer is better informed, has more options, is more price sensitive and demands personalization and innovation.  Retailers who can’t effectively meet today’s shifting trends will find it difficult to compete and thrive.


Leading retailers turn to AEON for process improvements that help maintain margins and boost profitability. Our retail consulting services help tackle top strategic, operational, financial and organizational issues typically faced by today’s retailer.


Our team of experts covers all retail business areas, including distribution, inventory, customer loyalty programs and innovative technologies such as Point of Sale systems, warehouse management systems, virtual storefronts and other tools to engage customers both in-store and on-line.

Discover how AEON can improve your business.


Key services for Retailers:


  • Define winning brand strategies
  • Install customer-led category management
  • Zero-base retail operations and costs
  • Earn loyalty with great customer experiences
  • Revamp store operations and talent
  • Maximize margins with pricing and promotions
  • Reinvent your marketing with analytics
  • Strategically transform your cost structure
  • Strengthen sourcing and vendor relationships
  • Build a modern retail organization
  • Develop flexible, efficient supply chains
  • Transform information technology
  • Improve your M&A capability